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Healing Green Farms

Purest Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Healing Green Farms grows organic American hemp and uses a supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process to derive the crude oil with no residual solvents, creating the purest product.

What makes Healing Green Farms CBD different?


☑ Custom formulations available, starting at $59 per ounce! Choose your concentration, carrier oil (Hemp Seed or MCT) and even packaging!

☑ Custom packaging available! Order in pre-filled food-grade syringes to your exact dosing requirements. Great for the elderly or anyone who might have hand mobility concerns.

☑ Our packaging is designed to help you get the most benefit from our product. Because precise dosing is important, a 1 ml food-grade syringe has been included in place of a dropper lid. This helps limit the contamination that can occur when droppers are stored in the bottle, and allows for multiple users if desired.

☑ Also, your bottle of Healing Green Farms oil has several genuine quartz crystals inside. These act as agitators to help blend your oil. It is very important to SHAKE WELL before each use to equally distribute the active ingredient.

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Meet Our Team

Janie Dickens:

Janie’s background is in education and consulting for children with special needs. Janie was introduced to CBD products years ago while searching for an alternative to prescription medication for her young daughter’s anxiety. In her work with special needs children, she has seen the potential of the product for helping in a variety of contexts. Because she has always felt a strong connection to her farming roots, becoming a hemp grower on her family farm (she’s a third generation owner) is the perfect synthesis of all that’s she’s interested in, both personally and professionally!

Danielle Rodriquez
Homeopath & Herbalist

Danielle Rodriguez’s journey into holistic medicine and healing began as a child being raised off the land on her parents’ farm. She was taught at an early age that “organic” is a way of life–not just a hype word. After a tragic accident in 2006, she made the conscious choice to change her professional direction and decided to help others bring a more holistic approach to their daily life. A lifelong learner, after years of study, Danielle has added many certifications and qualifications to her resume, including Reiki Master, Archangelic Light Master, Holistic Crystal Healer, Yoga Instructor, 3 certifications in herbalism and a PHD in Holistic Medicine. We are thrilled to offer her specifically formulated herbal blends that are designed with the intention of augmenting the effectiveness of our organic CBD oil. These blends have been created with you in mind. . .along with an intention to bring whole body health and healing to everyone.

George Wetzel
Master Grower & Head of Science

George is a consultant and grow specialist for Oak City Hemp with 5 years of growing experience in the hemp industry. He currently oversees 4 hemp growing operations composed of 30 greenhouses and 20 acres of hemp. George makes sure we are doing everything right and like all self-respecting scientists, is in charge of the “over-explaining” department! But seriously, George is your source for understanding this plant!

J. Brandon Johnson
Head of Logistics, Marketing, & Solutions Engineer

Born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, Brandon has an undergraduate degree in mass communications and a graduate degree in video and film production. He has a decade of teaching experience in higher education and works for Duke University producing educational video content. After developing an online video course for a local hemp farm, he decided to use his communication skills, knowledge, and connections to transition into farm management, brokering and logistics. And he’s developed quite the affinity for his “Cannabelles,” his pet name for our plants!